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    Small Business Advisory Board

    Our Small Business Advisory Board members can bring skill sets that are totally out of reach for many small business owners.

    Imagine what it would cost to hire this level of skill, experience, and knowledge on an annual basis. Our carefully chosen Small Business Advisory Board will give you access to such people for a tiny fraction of that cost — or no cost at all.

    You also never have to wait for a meeting with our Small Business Advisory Board, good advice is always just a phone call or email away.

    Business contacts when you need them

    Our Small Business Advisory Board members are sincerely interested in your success. They want to introduce you to anyone they feel might help you grow your business.

    The benefits of a Board of Directors without the hassles

    Some business owners think a Small Business Advisory Board is the same as a Board of Directors. Yet, the two are very different. A Small Business Advisory Board is exactly what the name suggests: it is there simply to advise. This means you reap the benefits of your advisors, without all the formalities, intrusiveness, and expense of a Board of Directors.

    1. Small Business Advisory Board members have no formal authority or power within your company, unlike Directors.
    2. The Small Business Advisory Board does not have the same legal responsibilities (fiduciary duties) as a Board of Directors. That means you won’t need to pay the high fees and provide Directors Insurance coverage to protect them from liability exposure.

    Grow your business faster with our Small Business Advisory Board

    Our Advisors all specialize in one aspect of your business and can help you develop customized growth strategies. Individuals whose judgment you respect and who have specific strategic thinking ability are what you need on an Advisory Board.

    A personal sounding board

    Our Small Business Advisory Board can serve as a sounding board for new ideas — or for solving weighty problems. Our Advisors have dealt with many of the same issues you are experiencing right now. They may be able to lead you to creative solutions so simple that you’ve overlooked them. They have probably “been there, done that.” You gain the benefit of their hard learned lessons without having to go through the same pain yourself saving you time and money.


    Let’s face it: The top is a lonely place. Business owners often have few ways to get support and guidance. Your employees expect you to have all the answers. But to whom do you turn when you need help with those answers? That’s where our Advisory Board can make all the difference. Many business owners also think of our Advisors as mentors.

    Our Mission

    The Small Business Rx Alliance Mission is to provide guidance, insight, education and direction for Small Business Entrepreneurs. To build successful, sustainable and profitable organizations that positively impacts the organization, its people, and its community.

    Our Values

    • Open and truthful dialog to address the true core issues
    • To question everything is the basis of continuous improvement
    • People are the most important asset of an organization
    • Profit is not a dirty word and is required for growth, sustainability, and charity
    • Trust is a must between client and consultant, we work to build unquestionable trust
    • Compassionate Accountability is our mode of operation, kid gloves or directness when needed

    Our Process

    We focus on your needs and make it easy to get help in the areas you need it most.

    The Small Business Rx Alliance meets with small business owners each week for an intake process. As part of the intake process, the small business owner explains to the SBRx Alliance what they are looking for: help, answers, guidance, feedback, etc. The SBRx Alliance will often have additional questions and information we ask for in order to understand the full picture. Once the information has been shared, the SBRx Alliance team will meet privately to discuss, research, and strategize to develop a plan of action to recommend to the small business owner. After the action plan is developed, it is presented the small business owner at which point they are free to act on it, request help implementing it, or ask further questions.

    The SBRx Alliance provides this help free of charge to small business owners to help them strengthen their businesses, strengthen the community, and enrich the lives of those affected by the business.

    Our Members & Affiliates

    Our core members and our affiliates work together to ensure the success of your small business.

    The Small Business Rx Alliance is composed by a group of core members along with a satellite group of affiliate members. The core members meet each week to review requests for assistance, research and discuss solutions and provide help and guidance to small business owners looking to improve their businesses. The core members are specifically selected because of their experience, successes, and for their areas of coverage. By selecting the core members this way, the Small Business Rx Alliance is able to answer almost any question or respond to any need a small business owner may have.

    Affiliate members only participate in select meetings and are not included in a the intake process when a business owner engages with the Small Business Rx Alliance. They do provide valuable assistance and services and are often included in solutions proposed to small business owners who come to the SBRx Alliance seeking help or answers.