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    Your personal Advisory Board consisting of all of our members at no cost.
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    Upcoming Events

    Business Owner’s Strategic Solutions Luncheon

    February 28, 2017
    11:00 am

    Whether your a company of one (yourself) or hundreds of employees (w-2, 1099, contractors, etc.)  this luncheon is for you.  Our workshop will enhance your knowledge and provide you with tools that could be beneficial to you, your employees and your business.

    Meet guest speaker, Craig Sorenson Founder & CEO of Financial Wealth Solutions.  Craig started in the financial services business in 1981.  He believes in changing the way financial education is delivered to the American people, which is why he created a company that is focused on Action Plans & strategies, not products.

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    Our Specialties

    Financial Analysis

    Financial Analysis

    custom insurance and retirement solutions

    Benefits & Insurance

    Business Management

    Business / Management

    Software Development

    Information Technology

    Marketing and Advertising Services North Dakota

    Marketing & Advertising

    HR Services North Dakota

    HR & Compliance

    Legal Services North Dakota


    Property & Casualty Insurance North Dakota

    Commercial Property & Casualty

    How can we help your business grow?

    As a business owner are you going it alone? Ever wonder if you’re going in the right direction, doing the right thing in the right way? This can eat up your time, energy and assets, leaving you with less than the results you wanted. The Small Business Rx Alliance is a group of dedicated business experts with a desire to help you be the best run business around. Maximize your time, effort and assets for the greatest return to you, your employees and your community!


    “We have business analysts who focus on identifying the changes in your organization that are required to achieve strategic goals”

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